Humanitarian Aid in Nepal

Nepal was struck by a heavy rainstorm during the night of the 31 March 2019. Reports estimate that there are at least 31 deaths and 400 injuries.[1] These numbers are only expected to rise during the coming days. The storm has hit multiple villages to the south of Kathmandu, leaving a trail of destruction. Currently, both the army as well as the national police are trying to rescue as many people as possible.[2] As people are injured and houses and land have been destroyed, there is an urgent need for medical care as well as food, clothes, clean water and shelter.

GHRD set up a crowdfunding campaign to provide emergency disaster relief for the affected families. The campaign has successfully raised 450 euros for relief efforts.

GHRD Nepal visited the affected site between 15-16th April and provided food, clothes, clean water and shelter. Additionally, GHRD Nepal also set up a medical camp with the help of qualified doctors to provide urgent medical treatment for the injured persons. The pictures of the humanitarian aid program have been attached below.

GHRD has set up a target of 3000 euros for the fundraising campaign, to support more people. GHRD could expand its relief and rehabilitation efforts on the ground with your help. If you would like to contribute, then please click on the link below.

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