“Pakistan Army Stop Killing in Afghanistan” – Banner displayed at the Broken Chair in Geneva Protesting Pakistan Army’s murders in Afghanistan


GENEVA, 27 February 2020 – The war in Afghanistan has been on going since 2001. According to statements by the UN, last year, more than 10,000 civilians were killed or wounded. In order to destabilise Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops from the region, Pakistan is preparing to mobilise its assets including terror affiliate Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT) jihadis to the Afghan border.

The banner displaying “Pakistan Army Stop Killing in Afghanistan” is set up at Broken Chair Geneva by victims of the oppression perpetrated by the Pakistani Army.  It is well known that Pakistan’s Army was involved in the creating of the Taliban in the 1990s and provided logistical, financial and military support to the group. Moreover, Pakistan’s intelligence service, ISI, was supporting the Taliban in order to establish a new ruling in Afghanistan which has close ties with Pakistan.

The banner outside the offices of the United Nations in Geneva, calling on the UN to take action against the actions of Pakistan in Afghanistan

Since 2001, schools and hospitals have been bombed with more than 100,000 people being killed, of which 30,000 are civilians. Another attack was directed against the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul in 2016 where 15 people died and 50 were injured. Hundreds of mass murders and gang rapes of Afghan civilian women and children by the Taliban militants have also been reported.

The attacks against civilians and protected objects constitute war crimes according to International Humanitarian Law; the Geneva Conventions, its Additional Protocols and Article 8 of Rome Statute. The protesters are calling the UN to make necessary measures to end these attacks on civilians in Afghanistan.