I am Generation Equality: International Women’s Day is celebrated in Bangladesh

On Sunday 8th March GHRD, along with its partner REO, organised a program to celebrate International Women’s Day in Bangladesh.

Young female students attended the event hosted by GHRD and REO marking International Women’s Day 2020.

The event was held at Uttara Model College, Dhaka and the audience was comprised for female students who attend the college. Wing Commander Md Badrul Islam, PSC was the main guest along with special guests Mr Vivek Vaidhyanathan, (USA) Prof Debashish Sarkar, social activist (India) Dr Biswanath Sarker, (Dhaka), Ms Pervin Akter, a social worker and activist with REO, Prof Ms Nulifar Chowdhury, Ms Sharmin, Ms Jogita and Ms Yesmin. Prof Drs Chandan Sarkar, the Chairman of REO, also took the opportunity to present a paper.

Youth empowerment through education was discussed during celebrations making International Women’s Day in Bangladesh

GHRD is working in Bangladesh to empower women and provide opportunities for young people. The speakers emphasised that girls should be provided with the same opportunities to study and not feel forced to marry. By empowering young girls through educational opportunities, Bangladeshi society can transform and become a welcoming place for all communities. Women should be encouraged to enter into education and pursue careers of their choosing.