We believes that through socio-economic empowerment, individuals are more prepared and able to claim their place in society. GHRD’s projects tackle a variety of issues with the consistent aim to improve the livelihood of the individual and enable them to change their life.

Moreover, empowerment can help minorities create solutions to identified human rights violations being committed against them.

Activities of human rights empowerment are wide ranging and include:
– Legal assistance
– Education
– Community building
– Skill and vocational training

Recent projects:


GHRD builds capacity through education and enables individuals to take action. GHRD conducts both formal and informal education programmes to a variety of stakeholders in South Asia and Europe.

In South Asia GHRD trains different communities, as well as its partners, to improve knowledge and skills.

In Europe the trainings are intended to educate minority groups about their human rights, as well as raise awareness for the human rights violations in South Asia.

Formal education activities include:
– Lectures
– Workshops
– Film screenings
– Forum Theater

Capacity Building and Training Programmes

Our capacity building and training programmes are designed to provide support for local grass roots organisations and human rights defenders working on minority rights.

Human rights defenders are provided training on particular skills such as independent fact-finding, report writing, media communication, project development and advocacy.