Crowdfunding - Forgotten Villages: humanitarian aid to Nepal

"We have survived a horrific tragedy. In minutes we became homeless. For the last 60 years I had worked to make sure my children have the basics they need. Now we have lost everything. I cannot continue my work. My village is ruined, filled with the ghosts of the beauty that existed." 
- Gyan Lal Dangol, 66 years old

Dozens of aftershocks that followed the earthquakes of April 25 and May 12, 2015 have demolished entire villages, leaving people homeless in a restless anticipation of the monsoon season. The ever-increasing death toll has reached 8,500 people by mid-May, while at least 10,000 were injured. Apart from power outages, failures of mobile networks and shortages of medical supplies, food etc., there is a huge concern about the disease outbreak.

Although humanitarian aid reaches Nepal, the remote villages tend to be neglected due to excessive damage in infrastructure and widespread political disputes. Because the villages that need help the most don’t receive any, GHRD and its local partners, Organisation for Socio-Economic Development Nepal (OSED Nepal) and Village Development Foundation (VDF), have set out to help 7,000 families (over 35,000 people) in 3 districts: Sindhuli, Ramechhap and Khokana.

This crowdfunding campaign “Forgotten Villages: Humanitarian Aid to Nepal” was inspired by the relief aid in Nepal project, currently being implemented. The impact of the project on the communities goes beyond simple aid distribution, as it has sparked the hope and spirit of cooperation in those affected villages. International support empowers the local population to work together towards rebuilding their communities and getting back the control of their lives. This is why we have set out to help 7,000 more families (over 35,000 people) in various other villages in 3 districts: Sindhuli, Ramechhap and Khokana.

However, in order to provide such assistance, we need your help. To utilise the power of our supporters and people who are not indifferent to the suffering of others we have started this crowdfunding campaign. The campaign idea is quite simple: with small contributions from people like you, we want to collect 20,000 euro and send the money to Nepal, where the civil society organizations, OSED and VDF, will organise the distribution of necessities and the constructions of homes and sanitary facilities for the earthquake victims. However simple, the project cannot be implemented without your help. Here’s how you can make it happen:

Emergency help per family:            

Housing and repairs:                                                           

€5.00:     Blankets

€5.00:       Gloves/ shovels/ face masks

€15.00:   Drinking water

€100.00:   Wood

€15.00:   Sanitary products

€150.00:   Tarps/steel plates for temporary housing

€25.00:   Food packages

€200.00:   Steel pipes

€200.00:   A toilet


Even the smallest contribution can make a real difference. A blanket for a man who freezes at night from being forced to sleep outside, a shovel for a woman who has to clean up the area where her house used to stand, a bottle of water for a kid who’s only had access to the dirty water from the nearby pond. YOU can make it happen. Help us help them!

During the campaign we will keep you up to date with the latest developments. You can read more abou the crowdfunding for Nepal in the following blog posts:

  • 10-07-2015 - About VDF

    VDF is een van de lokale partners van GHRD in Nepal. Deze organiseert is actief in en rondom Janakpur - 20 km van de grens met India. Hier wonen een kleine 100.000 mensen. Read more

  • 10-07-2015 - OSED Nepal

    OSED Nepal richten zich op Khokana, een klein Newari dorpje ten zuiden van Kathmandu. Read more

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