Luck redefined: a story of a teenager


"One day I was just doing some work in the kitchen when all of the sudden the earthquake turned our house into a demolition site"

My name is Ashok Maharjan. I am from a middle class family and I live with my parents and my brother. Before the earthquake we were leading a happy and comfortable life. My father works as a mason and this career enabled him to pay for the basic necessities, as well as my monthly school tuition.

From Heaven to Hell Within A Minute!


Gyan Lal Dangol is a 66 years old resident of Khokana, Karyabinayak Municipality Lalitpur. Khokana is a living museum, reflective of the architecture of the medieval times. Mr. Dangol is a carpenter as well as a farmer, and has five daughters, a son and several grandchildren. He lost his wife 12 years ago. Three of his daughters, married with children, often visit his home and provide assistance with farming and other household chores.

“Stones were falling from the mountains. We thought that was going to be the end of our lives...“


My name is Durga Pokharel. I live in one of the villages in the Ramechhap district in Nepal. My husband and I have 4 daughters and 2 sons. We come from an economically poor class. My husband is disabled. He was born with a dysfunctional hand and now works on a daily salary basis in an office. Besides that, we have a very small piece of land where we do buffalo farming, which brings in some extra income. It isn’t much, but we manage to satisfy our basic needs. As a family, we were a happy one.

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