Today, millions of men, women and children around the world are forced into slavery. Despite constitutional provisions, international agreements and laws specifically targeting trafficking and bonded labour, modern slavery continues to thrive in its many forms.

In South Asia, child labour, human trafficking, sexual exploitation and caste discrimination continue to be prevalent and are fuelled by the black market demand. The demand is so large that the real size of the phenomenon is unknown.

GHRD started its Fight Modern Slavery campaign in 2011: a campaign to encourage activism and raise awareness among communities in South Asia and in Europe on modern forms of slavery in South Asia.

The FMS campaign in The Netherlands was targeted at the youth: the key aim was to motivate young people to discuss human rights issues and create awareness in the area of human rights and human trafficking.

GHRD organized screenings of the documentary “SOLD—A Child Trafficked” in schools and universities around the country. The screening of the documentary was combined with discussions and debates on trafficking, the global protection of human rights and how youth in the Netherlands can be active in the human rights field.

The campaign ended with a Flashmob organised on Anti-Slavery Day on the 2nd of December, 2011 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.