Stop gang rapes

GHRDs campaign stop the gang rapes aims to increase awareness, knowledge and support in the Netherlands for the human rights situation in Bangladesh. The campaign was officially launched on 16 June with a Beach Benefit Concert at Scheveningen, The Hague. 

Campaign activities includes the distribution of postcards, a petition urging the Bangladesh government to take responsibility according national and international law, internet campaigning, the screening of a documentary film, and educational programs on Bangladesh and violence against women. Awareness raising activities in 2007 included a seminar on "Ending violence against women," a Beach Benefit Concert, a demonstration and the 'Horeca for human rights' campaign. 

The petition has reached countries like the USA, Australia, Brazil and Ghana. Over 1200 citizens from 46 countries signed the document in 2007.The first roll of petitions were handed over to the Dutch Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Commission representative, MP Harry van Bommel on 10 December – the International Human Rights Day.  GHRD also took active part in international meetings at the House of Lords and the European Parliament, to discuss the