Mavi Kohli

In November 2014, 13-year old Mavi from one of Pakistan’s most marginalized communities was abducted and forced to marry an older man against her will. She is one of many Pakistani Hindu girls being forced into marriages and religious conversions. Mavi is also one of the luckier victims, after aster the Sindh Court’s ruling in her and her family’s favor in early 2015 she was reunited with her family. The perpetrator has, however, been acquitted.

Our local partner, Pakistan Hindu Seva, interviewed Mavi Kolhi after the Court hearing.

Without the support of Ushah Nazi this documentary would not have been possible. To find more information about Ushah Nazi’s work, please visit her website at too.

Other victims of such heinous crimes are not so fortunate. Please sign the #SaveKajal petition to help another victim, Kajal Bheel, who has not yet received justice and is currently forced to stay with her abductor. Help us bring Kajal home to her parents and make the international community pay attention to the problem of abductions, forced conversions and marriages.

Pakistan: A defining moment

Short documentary about human rights in Pakistan, focusing on the blasphemy law, education and the rights of ethnic and religious minorities and women.