Postcards for Pakistan: Stamping Out Injustice, One Letter at a Time


GHRD organized 12 screening events of “Pakistan: A Defining Moment” in collaboration with various universities, students groups and volunteer groups. 100 postcards were written by the attendees to UN Special Rapporteur on religious freedom belief, asking for the betterment of minorities’ human rights situation in Pakistan.

Kidnapped And Forcefully Converted To Islam: Pakistan’s Systematic Practice Of Forced Marriages


Global Human Right Defence’s (GHRD) partners in Pakistan confirm that numerous cases of abductions, and forced conversions coupled with forced marriages have been recorded in Sindh. However, the majority of the cases are not being addresses in any way due to improper or lacking minority representation in the province. With no due process and legal integrity, abducted underage girls are sold into sexual slavery and prostitution, says Zohra Yusuf, the chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP).

Meet Kajal Bheel - Forced marriages and conversions in Pakistan


Kajal Bheel – a 12 year old Hindu girl from the Matiari District in Pakistan - now known as Saira Fatima, was kidnapped, forcefully converted and married to a man twice her age. Please sign our petition to bring Kajal back to her family.

Celebrating International Day of Peace in the City of Peace and Justice


GHRD took part in the event “Exploring Peace and Justice in The Hague”, which was one of the various celebrations occurred for the Just Peace Weekend, 19th to 21st September, in The Hague.

LGBT Rights are Human Rights: An Interview with Boys of Bangladesh


The Government of Bangladesh has taken a negative stance on the recommendations of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), to protect and fulfill the rights of persons of diverse sexual orientation or gender identity (SOGI) and provide comprehensive sexuality education to young people. GHRD discussed the Government's disappointing stance on ICPD with Boys of Bangladesh, largest network of self-identified Bangladeshi gay men, and talked about future steps to be taken for substantial change in attitudes towards LGBT people and right to comprehensive sexual education in Bangladesh.

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