Bangladesh Elections: Growing turmoil and fragile human rights situation


After 5 years of Awami League rule, the parliamentary elections held on 5th of January 2014 created a worse situation compared to the turmoil Bangladesh endured during former elections.

EU's concern over political situation in Bangladesh


The European Parliament (EP) has passed a resolution on Bangladesh on 21 November 2013. The resolution urged for a peaceful election in Bangladesh. The EP strongly suggested Bangladesh’s political parties to refrain from any violence during the electoral process.

Minority rights: Demands for greater protection, tolerance made


ISLAMABAD: After meticulous consultation with members of various groups, the Peace and Development Foundation (PDF) presented a charter of demands for the protection of minorities in a press conference here on Saturday.

European Parliament Conference: Impact of Trade and Good Govarnance on Human Rights


On the 5th November GHRD commenced its 2013 EU Lobby tour with a specialist conference at the European Parliament in Brussels, entitled 'The impact of Trade and Good Governance on Human Rights in Pakistan and Bangladesh'. This event featured esteemed human rights defenders and specialists in the field of human rights in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and was attended by representatives from a range of organizations and members of the public.

Situation for many religious minorities in Pakistan “is of grave concern”


“In addition to Pakistan’s Sunni Muslim majority, there are Shia Muslims, Ahmadi Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and others. Pakistan is a country with rich religious diversity.

However, the situation for many religious minorities is of grave concern, and this is particularly true for Shia Muslims, although all have expressed concern. Shias face daily discrimination at work, school, and in the political process. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, more than 500 people were killed last year in sectarian attacks against Muslim sects, mainly Shias”, said Rep. Ellison.

Pictured Here: Little Shia girl cries in Pakistan.

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