The September attack on All Saints Church in Peshawar


On 22nd September a double suicide attack against the all Saints Church in Peshawar claimed the lives of more than 100 worshippers. Around 600 people had attended the Sunday morning service and were leaving to receive food being distributed on the lawn outside when two explosions ripped through the crowd.

Restoring Land Rights of Indigenous People


On 3rd August 2013 6 Jumma villages in Matiranga-Taindong area were attacked by Bengali settlers. 36 houses at Jumma villages and a Buddhist temple were burnt down. As the violence escalated, 261 houses belonging to Jumma people were looted and vandalized. The communal attack resulted in approximately 400 families fleeing to areas close to the Bangladesh-India border and 380 families of indigenous Tripura community taking shelter in neighbouring areas of Matiranga-Taindong.

Back to School Bali – GHRD’s project to keep Balinese kids in school


Unlike in many other countries such as the Netherlands, children in Bali face many social and financial barriers in the fight for education and schooling.

Minorities speak out at GHRD's UPR Side Event in Geneva


GHRD in cooperation with the World Barua Organization hosted a side event on Minority Rights immediately after Bangladesh's Universal Periodic Review, on April 29 at the UN Palace in Geneva.

BANGLADESH: Universal Periodic Review, 16th Session of the UN


Bangladesh was reviewed on its human rights record at the Human Rights Council in Geneva on Monday, April 29 at its second Universal Periodic Review. 97 states made statements and 94 of them made specific recommendations.

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