Local Hindus discuss Daily Life in Sindh Province


“Interesting fact: all Hindu girls that are converted their age ranges from 20 to 28 years, why the boys and old people not converting)? (To Islam – GHRD note). This shows only those girls are targeted who are young and beautiful”

Youth in Action programme Equality: A European Quality starts this week!


Global Human Rights Defence is kick-starting our Youth in Action programme Equality: a European Quality this week!

Protest at the Pakistani Embassy in The Hague for Hindu minority rights


The 14th of August is celebrated as the Independence Day of Pakistan. In Pakistan, cities and villages were covered with Pakistani flags while the leading officials gave messages about prosperity, unity and tolerance to the nation.

Interview profile: Khushi Kabir


“holding governments accountable is not just people voting every five years, but holding governments accountable to the people throughout their tenure”

Minorities in Pakistan mark Pakistani National Minorities Day a ‘black day’


“We don’t accept Minorities Day and we will keep marking August 11 as the black day”- Government institutions and dignitaries celebrated National Minorities Day on 11 August, but the members of minority communities marked the day as a ‘black day’.

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