Mass protests to solve land disputes and implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts peace accord


The elections are coming up in Bangladesh in 2013/2014 and one of the main election promises of current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was the implementation of the 1997 CHT peace accord.

International Women’s Day 2012 Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures Promoting women’s activism in South Asia


In honour of International Women’s Day 2012, Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) supported awareness raising and activism events held by ten grassroots organisations in four countries in South Asia – under the theme “Connecting girls, Inspiring futures”.

GHRD partners take action to protect Dalit sweepers in Khulna, Bangladesh


GHRDs partners investigated and submitted an application to the High Court seeking the protection of a Dalit sweepers community, whose homes and temples were illegally demolished by the police in Khulna.

Promoting a discrimination and violence free Pakistan: GHRD supports rallies in Faisalabad and London against discrimination of minorities in Pakistan


Minority groups in Faisalabad, Pakistan joined hands in a rally and press conference organised by GHRD and our local partners to commemorate the one year anniversary of the death of Shabbaz Bhatti, the former minister of minority Affairs in Pakistan. No less than one week later, GHRD joined minority organisations, religious leaders, academics, politicians, and human rights activists who came together in London to present a petition and to rally against the blasphemy laws and other discrimination going on in Pakistan.

London Protest following Attacks on Minorities in Hathazari, Bangladesh


GHRD joined Bangladeshi diaspora, human rights and social-religious organisations in a demonstration at the UK Parliament in London on the 29th of February. The protest, calling for the protection of minorities in Bangladesh and the Chittagong Hill Tracts, was a response to the recent violence committed against Hindu communities in Hathazari, in Chittagong.

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