OLE 2010


In August, GHRD attended the first annual Otranto Legality Experience in Italy OLE 2010 is the first edition of an international forum on “Illegal Economy, Organised Crime and Financial Globalisation” organized by the Flare Network.

GHRD participates at the 26th Milan Festival


GHRD participated at the 26th Milan festival which was held between 30th July and 1st August at Zuiderpark in The Hague. The word ‘Milan’ means ‘meeting’ in Hindi.

GHRD’s lecture on European Human Rights


On the 13 July, the University of Amsterdam welcomed an Iranian delegation within the Zeytun Academic Exchange Program and invited GHRD to give a lecture about how the European Union furthers human rights and democracy around the globe.

Resettlement Stories


This month, GHRD met a number of resettled families throughout the Netherlands. Among them was the Mainali family.

GHRD’s Awareness campaign for human rights


In May 2010, GHRD launched a massive campaign focusing primarily on raising awareness concerning the human rights situation of women and children in South Asia.

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