Tackling inequality in Nepal: A grassroots approach


The Nepalese organization Village Development Foundation (VDF) and The Organisation for Socio-Economic Development Nepal (OSED), with support of GHRD, started projects to help tackle inequality and discrimination in Nepal. ‘Fight Discrimination – Equal Rights for All” project has contributed to the creation of 34 watch groups and saving over 100 children from the brutality of child marriages. “We for Us” has trained over 200 women, enabling them to actively pursue their rights and live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Rejoicing in Celebration: International Women’s Day 2015


Each year GHRD supports its partner NGOs in celebrating Internal Women’s Day events. This year, our partners held 1 event in India, 2 events in Nepal, and 1 event in Pakistan.

Update: Kajal Bheel Case


Update #SaveKajal: March 3rd, 2015: Kajal Bheel is once again denied a fair legal process and any meaningful justice as a result. Kajal’s hearing was again cancelled due to the inefficient scheduling of court proceedings. This was the 9th hearing of Kajal’s case, to date, there is no verdict on the case. Meanwhile, Kajal still remains with her abductor, and it has now been 133 days. A new date for the next hearing has yet to be announced.

PRESS RELEASE: The Home Ministry must urgently withdraw the discriminatory orders on the Chittagong Hill Tracts and Indigenous Peoples, Bangladesh


GHRD is deeply concerned by the unconstitutional and discriminatory orders of the Home Ministry. No other region or minority group is imposed to such restrictions and surveillance from the government in Bangladesh. The decisions violate the basic human rights of indigenous peoples; while potentially hinder the monitoring and documentation of human rights violations in the CHT. It is clear that these restrictions will be harmful for the welfare of region and its people.

Protection of minority children: Forced Marriages in Pakistan


Today Justice Sijad Hussian Shah rendered a verdict in the case of Anjali Meghwar, who was abducted and forcefully married in October 2014. The 12-year old girl has been handed over to her abductor, who she was forced to marry within a matter of hours after her abduction. During the court hearing, when asked by the judge, the girl nodded in agreement with her intention to stay with the man she was married to in October.

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