Bangladesh: Dalit leaders urge for the immediate arrest of the murderer of Mr. Robin Das


On the 16th January a 28 year old Dalit man was beaten to death.

GHRD supported Parittran in an action raising awareness to his murder.Leaders from the Jhenaidah Dalit Parishad, a group working for the rights of Dalits in Bangladesh urged for the immediate action to arrest the perpetrators during a press conference on the 28th January 2010.  

The acting president of Jhenaidah Dalit Parishad, Mr. Ranjit Das, briefed the press and said that if the local police did not arrest the killer within seven days, he will protest. Thousands of people from the Dalit community formed a human chain and wore black bandanas as part of the protest. Dalit leaders also submitted a memorandum to the District Commissioner of Jhenaidah.

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