Bhutanese Refugee Camps IWD event


Bhutan Media Society (BMS) and Bhutanese Refugee Women Forum (BRWF) jointly organised an event to celebrate International Women’s Day. GHRD provided it’s assistance to this event through its partner organisation BCN, the Bhutanese Community in the Netherlands. The festivities took place in the Beldangi-I refugee camp in Nepal.   

Amongst the activities was a ceremony to celebrate the work of two local women, Ms. Chandra Maya Biswa and Ms. Dil Maya Rai, who are active for the BRWF. They were congratulated for their outstanding work and received gifts from the Netherlands. “I am very happy to get this package, they have not forgotten us,” Ms. Biswa told Bhutan News Service.

A UNHCR delegate present at the event applauded the support from GHRD and BCN in supporting women and people in need in the camps. “UNHCR has been working to uplift women in camps,” he said, In total several hundred women attended this successful celebration of the 100th International Women’s Day.

“It is note-worthy that such organisations are together with us in the camps, although they are far from the camps.” - UNHCR representative

Medical Health camp at Gazipur, Dhaka organized by GHRD

Single Teacher School

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