Breaking News!: The National Human Rights Commission orders investigation in the harassment case against GHRD observer Rabindra Ghosh


The Bangladesh National Human Rights Commission issued an order on January 20, 2010 regarding the case of harassment of Adv. Rabindra Ghosh.

The order stated that the allegation received from the Global Human Rights Defence and Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) should be investigated by an Additional Inspector General of Police (Ad). It also requested the Inspector General of Police (IGP), to submit a report by February 28, 2010 regarding the actions taken. 

Rabindra Ghosh was physically assaulted and threatened by the police during an investigation on 10th January. This incident is one of many that has taken place over the years where Mr. Ghosh has been exposed to threats and assaults as a result of his work. 

‘The recent order may create a sense of responsibility amongst police officers in general in the future in dealing with human rights defenders’, says Rabindra Ghosh.

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