Celebration International Women’s Day 2010 in Bangladesh


GHRD’s Partners in South Asia Celebrate International Women’s Day

GHRD in collaboration with its partners in South Asia, have organised numerous events and activities to be celebrated on 8th March (International Women’s Day), and to strengthen the rights of women in Asia. A full report will be published within the next two weeks. 

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) 

BDMW will organise a human chain and a rally especially for women and children belonging to minority groups in Bangladesh. After the event a discussion meeting will be held. 

Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR), Bangladesh Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma Victims (BRCT), and Naogaon Human Rights Development Association (NHRDA)

BIHR, BRCT and NHRDA will celebrate IWD in Dhaka by organising a human chain followed by rallies in the morning. Cap & Gengi bearing messages of the day will be distributed among the participants. In the afternoon a street drama will be held under the main theme of the day, namely “Equal Rights, Equal Opportunity” for both women and men.


Parittran, who works on Dalit rights, will organise an event to raise awareness of violence against Dalit women in the southwest region of Bangladesh. This will be part of Parittran’s 15 day mass awareness campaign program.

Medical Health camp at Gazipur, Dhaka organized by GHRD

Single Teacher School

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