De Brug Training 24th of April 2010


The second training session on human rights of the De Brug in cooperation with Global Human Rights Defence took place on Saturday, April 24th. The training consisted of two parts: the morning sessions focusing on human rights monitoring and the afternoon session about campaigning for human rights.

GHRD’s human rights officer Jenny Lundström presented the first workshop on human rights monitoring, fact finding and reporting. She explained these concepts and the methods that are being used by Global Human Rights Defence. The different forms of fact finding and reporting were discussed and the participants were invited to introduce a human rights issue from their own community. 

The physical result of this training will be a newspaper containing reports from the different members of De Brug on various human rights topics from their own communities or countries of origin. This newspaper will be published twice each year and will be presented to relevant stakeholders in the human rights field such as the Dutch authorities and international organizations who deal with human rights. 

The afternoon session on campaigning for human rights issues was given by Nathalie van Loon, who has a broad experience in campaigning for various NGO’s such as Amnesty International. The participants were introduced to the basic concepts of campaigning such as defining the target group and how to reach them. Ms van Loon gave some examples of good and bad campaigns to illustrate what an effective campaign is.

The workshop was interactive and the participants were invited to take part in an exercise on defining a mission and vision for a campaign and establishing goals. 

The training session was very successful and the participants expressed their gratitude and noted that they felt more empowered by the information and advice they had received.

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