EU's concern over political situation in Bangladesh


The European Parliament (EP) has passed a resolution on Bangladesh on 21 November 2013. The resolution urged for a peaceful election in Bangladesh. The EP strongly suggested Bangladesh's political parties to refrain from any violence during the electoral process. The parliament called on the Bangladeshi government to reinstate the enabling environment for civil society organizations, including human rights defenders, which has made an immense contribution to Bangladesh's development, consequently they can carry out their activities freely.

In addition to the resolution, the European Union (EU) on 30 November 2013 called on the leaders of all political parties in Bangladesh to agree on a mutually acceptable formula in order to facilitate a free, fair and inclusive election which will reflect the wishes of the people. The EU expressed a concern over the current political confrontation between major political groups in the country on the composition of the government during the electoral period. The EU urged Bangladesh to respect human rights and democratic principles, and to ensure full respect for the rights of detainees. The statement also suggested to provide comfortable working environment to civil society groups to play their fundamental role in maintaining democratic freedoms. The EU expressed their commitment to support Bangladesh to ensure democratic process and to hold a peaceful, inclusive, transparent and credible election for the people.

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