Fight Modern Slavery Campaign 2011 6th September – 8th December


GHRD is pleased to announce that our launch of the Fight Modern Slavery campaign in Nepal, Kathmandu, on the 6th of September, Nepalese Anti-Human Trafficking Day was a great success.  

Our local partner Maiti Nepal organized a day packed with events that took place in five different locations around Kathmandu, reaching hundreds of people throughout the whole area. The group first visited a local school in Bhakundebesi, Kavrepalanchowk to perform a drama performance, sing awareness songs and give an introductory lecture about trafficking, which was attended by 36 Maiti members and 150 teachers and students of the school, together with members of the local village. After the performance, the group marched for about 1km, distributing pamphlets and reaching households and local shops, and finally gathered together where again the artists performed a street drama and sang awareness songs.

The street dramas reached a large audience of around 575 people, pamphlets were handed around to 475 households, and in total around 1500 people were reached out through pamphlets and posters. Many of the people interviewed after the events made clear that they were completely unaware of the problem of human trafficking, marking a further success of Maiti’s initiative. On the day following the event, the Nepali Radio Kantipur FM aired a program called “Maiti Ko Sandesh” discussing the events. 

Over the following weeks, the Fight Modern Slavery campaign will continue throughout South Asia, taking place in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and in different districts in Nepal. 

The campaign will end with two key events focusing on the human rights issues faced by our local partners in Mumbai and Brussels. The aim with the whole campaign is to stimulate debates about modern slavery and raise attention to human rights issues, encourage to activism and to spread information about what modern slavery is. 

Screenings of the documentary SOLD – A child trafficked, produced by Global Human Rights Defence, will also be a key event during the whole campaign. The documentary shows the reality for three Nepalese girls Poonam, Geeta and Maya, who were forced to India and into the sex trade, but had luck and were saved and are staying now at the local NGO Maiti Nepal. Today, the former victims are helping other girls and women who have also become victims of the sex trade in India. 

Medical Health camp at Gazipur, Dhaka organized by GHRD

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