GHRD attends Call to Europe Conference in Rotterdam/The Hague- The Netherlands


Petra Sjunnesson, one of GHRDs interns attended the one week conference ‘Call to Europe’ held in Rotterdam/The Hague - the Netherlands between the 21st-27th of March. The conference was organised by the Unity is Strength Foundation, a Dutch human rights and diversity youth organisation. About 100 youths from all over Europe attended the conference to discuss human rights, social inclusion and youth participation.

The conference aimed to serve as a wake up call to the policy makers and politicians of Europe, by stimulating young Europeans to come together and discuss issues in the European context and identify new and innovative policy changes. 

The participants discussed different thematic issues, in workshops and plenary discussions, such as EU citizenship and youth work, the inclusion of minority groups, children’s rights and human rights and anti-discrimination. There were also speeches by politicians and professionals from different fields such as Roma and religious minorities in Europe, people with a disability and the LGTB community. 

There were also social events like “human rights movie nights” and an intercultural dinner where the participants had a chance to share each others culture. 

The participants also visited different organisations during field visits in The Hague. GHRD received one of the groups who were given a presentation from Anna Innocenti, GHRD’s Project Manager, about GHRD’s work and collaborations within Europe.  

The conference ended with an award show “Unity is Strength Award Show” held in Amsterdam in order to highlight the efforts of people working to promote human rights and cultural diversity across the world.

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