GHRD attends the NMC World Youth Meeting in Bari, Italy


GHRD staff including regional partners from Bangladesh, India and Nepal participated in the first NMC World Youth Meeting in Bari-Italy, between 19th – 21st January, 2010. The meeting was organised by the Puglia Region, the Italian Ministry of Youth and the Italian National Agency for Youth.

NMC (derived from the Esperanto, Ni, mondlokaj civitanoj – which means We, global local citizens) – promotes sustainable development and the participation of young people in decision making at both global and local levels.

In total 1600 youth from more than 90 countries, participated in the three day event, which included thematic workshops and lectures given by professionals. The interactive workshops addressed global issues and aimed to create practical plans for development and implementation at local level. 

GHRD delegates actively participated throughout the three day event, and attended workshops based on various topics such as gender equality, equal opportunities, youth participation, child labour, migration and minority rights.  

Shubra Pachouri, a GHRD collaborator from the Human Rights Law Network in India, presented the issues of militarisation and land grabbing in India. In addition, Anna Innocenti, GHRD’s Project Manager, was given the opportunity to address the General Assembly and introduced GHRD’s work, as well as highlighting the important role of young people in the human rights field. 

The meeting was NMC’s first step towards a global-local environment, bringing youth and civil society organisations together with policy makers, international organisations, and the media with the aim to collaborate and achieve global change and sustainability. More than 30 organisations contributed to its conception, among which were the Inter-American Bank of Development, the International Labour Organisation, UNESCO, the UN-HABITAT, the MDG Campaign, The World Bank, the International Alliance of Cooperatives and the UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments).

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