GHRD celebrates Sinterklaas at refugee centre in Amersfoort


On the 4th of December GHRD’s staff dressed up as Zwarte Piets and Sinterklaas and went to the refugee centre in Amersfoort to celebrate Sinterklaas. More than 40 enthusiastic refugee children experienced their first Sinterklaas celebration.

The celebration was arranged together with the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) in the Netherlands. This was the second year that GHRD arranged this celebration for the children at the COA Reception Centre in Amersfoort. The children aged 4-12 years old are all part of UNHCRs resettlement program for invited refugees in the Netherlands. Countries included in this program for example are: Iraq, Iran, Congo, Sierra Leone and other conflict and war zone countries from all over the world.

The celebrations commenced with “juggling acts” by Zwarte Piet which was followed by the arrival of Sinterklaas and the rest of his Piets, who brought candies and presents. The presents given included teddy bears for the younger children, while the older children received “Activity Kits” and “Spray Art Sets” sponsored by A&P, (Aart & Peter, totaalleverancier voor de institutionale markt), which were gratefully appreciated by the joyful children. A& P did not forget to include the delicious chocolate letters and spiced cookies that are part of the whole celebrations enhancing the festive spirit. 

GHRD would like to thank A&P for sponsoring this event.

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