GHRD celebrates Women heroes on International Women’s Day 2011


GHRD celebrated International Women’s Day on 7th March 2011, with the event Women Heroes – Stories from South Asia, at its head office in The Hague.

The event was an opportunity for GHRD to present its work in South Asia and to highlight the stories of strong women we have encountered during our work. During the event GHRD screened our documentary SOLD – a child trafficked, produced in partnership with MAITI Nepal, on the trafficking of women and girls in Nepal. 

International women’s day is a day to celebrate the achievements made by women and to look forward to the future. 

Living in the ‘West’ it is easy to take the equal rights of women for granted and to forget that in many parts of the world women are still discriminated, assaulted and even killed simply because of their gender. For this reason, GHRD chose the theme women heroes and to focus on women who did not give up but kept fighting despite many challenges.

The event was a great success and sparked much discussion about the situation for women in South Asia and how to overcome the challenges these women face. GHRD was pleased to host a delegation of business women and men, representatives from various NGO’s and was also very pleased to welcome the Norwegian Ambassador.  

Medical Health camp at Gazipur, Dhaka organized by GHRD

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