GHRD participation in the EU Youth in Action Programme


GHRD takes part at the EU Youth in Action Programme (YiAP), which aims to inspire a sense of active citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans and to involve them in shaping the Union's future. The programme financially supports various projects on both national and international level.

In autumn 2010, GHRD submitted a project proposal for youth exchange under the YiAP, entitled “A Home Called Europe”. The project was approved by Dutch National Agency and will take place from 19th to 28th March 2011 in Den Haag. 

The aim of the youth exchange is to use non-formal education to learn more about global issues of immigration, relationships between majority and minority ethnicities, modernity and tradition: issues that are all widely discussed in global media and society. 

Nowadays more and more people immigrate to EU countries from Africa, Eastern Europe, Balkan, Middle East and other territories in search of a better life. This project addresses these issues of diversity and looks at how locals react to diversity and also the main reasons for immigration. Reactions to immigrants differ from country to country and can have an enormous impact on an immigrants’ inclusion into mainstream society. The youth exchange will help participants to better understand both points of view. The countries chosen for the project have been chosen because they represent both points of view: The Netherlands, Germany and Portugal as final destination countries and Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro as non-EU countries from which people emigrate and in which are present ethnic minorities. From each country we will welcome 6 young participants aged between 18-25 years, with a total number of 36 participants. 

In the past GHRD has attended various YiAP projects throughout Europe as partner organisation. Recently, GHRD attended a training course entitled ‘knowing identities’ in September 2010, based in Turkey. The project aimed to improve international youth cooperation and development of projects under YiAP. In October 2010, GHRD also attended a youth exchange in Portugal entitled ‘SOCIAL-IDARITY’, discussing immigration and the social inclusion of immigrants in particular countries. More recently, GHRD also attended ‘Our Fortress Europe’ in Austria in February which discussed migration trends in Europe. 

In the future we aim to continue both to attend and organize projects under YiAP and to raise awareness among Dutch and foreign youth about various issues such as immigration, asylum policy, European citizenship or matters of Roma community.

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