GHRD’s lecture on European Human Rights


On the 13 July, the University of Amsterdam welcomed an Iranian delegation within the Zeytun Academic Exchange Program and invited GHRD to give a lecture about how the European Union furthers human rights and democracy around the globe.

The lecture was delivered by Ms. Anna Innocenti to a group of 20 people, which comprised of 10 students from the School of International Relations in Teheran, accompanied by some of their teachers, and a group of 10 political science students from the University of Amsterdam. The aim was to provide an overview about the European Human Rights system.

The themes focused on several crucial issues such as: the European structure and institutions, the European promotion of human rights in third countries and the European funds to human rights projects. The Iranian students raised many questions, specifically on human rights violations. The discussions were very interactive and focused on the death penalty, the French anti-hijab law and the different international approaches towards Israel and the Iranian violations of human rights. A brochure containing the Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights was also given to the students to make them more aware about their rights in Europe and in the world. The lecture was very interactive and the Iranian and Dutch students appreciated the way the issues were presented and discussed.

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