GRUNDTVIG “Building bridges for a multicultural Europe”


On 18th of September in, GHRD begins our one week Grundtvig project ‘Building bridges for a multicultural Europe’, a week of workshops, debate and discussion on migration and cultural integration in Europe here in The Hague.  

Between the 18th and 25th of September 2011, GHRD will host 18 participants from different countries in Europe, including Germany, Italy, Romania, Macedonia, Turkey and Bulgaria, for a one week learning programme. All participants bring a wealth of knowledge on issues of migration, integration and the rights of migrants and refugees.

The aim of the Grundtvig workshop is to discuss issues of migration, the social inclusion of immigrants and to learn more about intercultural understanding. The participants will benefit from lectures, workshops and debates from experts in the field and will have the chance to see how different NGO’s in The Netherlands are working with these issues. A key part of the programme is the opportunity for people working on migrant and integration issues to network and share experiences and strategies. In addition, the participants will also be given training on project design and project management. 

By arranging the Grundtvig workshop, Global Human Rights Defence wishes to strengthen the bond between different cultures, religions and social backgrounds, and to inspire debate on how immigrants could be better included in various European societies. Through various forms of learning, the participants will learn about how different European countries are dealing with these issues in varying ways and will gain knowledge about the current European system and policies on migration.

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