Human Rights education – GHRD receives study visit from Stockholm University


GHRD recently enjoyed a visit from a group of 20 students from Stockholm University Law Association, on April 4th.

The purpose of the visit was to learn more about human rights in South Asia, the role of NGOs, the role of international institutions and particularly, to illustrate how GHRD makes a difference in Human Rights forums in South Asia and also internationally.

The speakers of the day - GHRDs Human Rights officers - were met with enthusiastic comments and insightful questions that generated further discussion. One concern brought up in the discussions was the difficulty for NGOs in measuring and ensuring progress is made when the issues and international structures for dealing with them are so complex. As this is a struggle for any NGO, GHRD staff discussed the importance of being innovative and attentive to creating ways around complex international structures by setting smaller goals to ensure progress; for example, raising human rights issues in international forums and networks as a stepping stone to contributing to more comprehensive awareness of human rights issues.

After engaging the group in the current human rights issues of minorities in both Bangladesh and Pakistan, the visit was concluded with a viewing of the documentary SOLD – A child trafficked. Although the issues of trafficking and modern slavery were already known by many in the group, the responses to the documentary were emotional for some and enlightened others.

 The staff of GHRD send their appreciation to these students for taking interest in our activities and mission.

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