Human Rights MANIFESTO to be presented to the Tweede Kamer


To mark the occasion of the International Human Rights Day on December 10, Global Human Rights Defence, in partnership with Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO), and Freedom Legality and Rights in Europe (FLARE), including representatives from various non-governmental migrant organisations in the Netherlands, will present a Human Rights Manifesto to the Tweede Kamer.

Day I

A workshop will be held on the 9th of December at Kivi Niria, Prinsessegracht 23, in the Hague, where migrant organisations from different countries will prepare and compile the manifesto, based on discussions on five thematic areas that are also timely in Dutch politics. 

Day II

On 10 December, a silent march will take place commencing at the Dutch Peace Palace and ending at the Dutch Parliament, where a delegate of De BRUG will hold a special meeting with members of the Tweede Kamer and present the Human Rights Manifesto.

The results of the Human Rights Manifesto will be made public on the 10th of December at a debate and social evening which will be hosted by Global Human Rights Defence, UNPO, and FLARE at Hogeschool Inholland, Theresiastraat 8, in the Hague.

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