India IWD 2010 events


Asha Community Health & Development Society

Asha Community Health & Development Society, with the support of GHRD observed International Women’s Day (8th March at Ambedkar Basti, one of the slums in Delhi. The event included speeches by representatives from the organisation and by women from the slums who spoke about their achievements. An exhibition was also held, depicting the brief history of Great Indian Women from the past, including information on women’s rights, cultural performances and a rally.

Approximately 90 to 100 women from five slums participated in the event, which included the Station House Officer of the area as the chief guest, who presided over the function. The programme was commemorated with lots of enthusiasm and joy.   

Rahi MP, Human Rights Law Network, Anupan Education Society and Women’s Study Center

Rahi MP, Human Rights Law Network, Anupan Education Society and Women’s Study Center, Bhopal organised IWD in collaboration with GHRD based on the theme of ‘No more gender-based violence’. The aim was to sensitise young girls and create awareness on the issue of gender based violence (GBV).  

The campaign on GBV included a programme over several days, which commenced on 3rd March ending on 8th March on the International Women’s Day. The events included a drawing between more than 100 girls at the Sarojni Naidoo Girls College at Bhopal, speeches from the organisers, distribution of stickers, appeal pamphlets on Gender-Based Violence’ and “The Supreme Court Guideline against Sexual Harassment at the Workplace”, film screening and the awarding of prizes to the winners of the drawing competition. 

The colleges taking part in the events were the MLB College, Sarojni Naidoo Girls’ College, the Rajeev Gandhi College and the girl’s higher secondary schools. 

“This is not the end of the program on GBV. From this moment and from this oath we now begin campaign with this young generation to stop GBV in the family and in the other spheres of the society”.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Sevabhavi Sanstha

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Sevabhavi Sanstha organised the IWD based on the theme of ‘Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities for Women’ in the state of Maharastra Tondar, a remote village of Marathwada. The event included an educational and awareness raising programme on ‘Self-Help Groups and Women’s Empowerment’, a poster exhibition on violence, health and women’s rights issues, and a rally. 

“With improvements in women’s economic opportunities and their ability to take collective action, there would be decline in some gender-based problems.

For this programme, the Director of TATA Institute of Rural Development, Professor Anjali Kulkarni was the chief guest and the Director of Federation of Self Serving Group, Ms. Naseem Shaikh, was also present. The objectives were to raise awareness on women’s self help groups, domestic violence, women’s rights and to present role models to inspire women. More than 180 women from different villages participated in the event. 

Jabala Action Research Organisation

Jabala Action Research Organisation organised the IWD event based on the theme of SANKLAPA (OATH)- A Safe World in Balarampur, Murshidabad. The aim was to raise awareness in the community on violence against women and to demand a safer and equal world for women.   

The programme included various activities such as a mother and child meeting, a bicycle rally by women and girls, a rally by young girls and a street corner theatre. Among the participants were community women groups, including self help groups, mother groups, adolescent and survivors of violence and community and government officials.

Medical Health camp at Gazipur, Dhaka organized by GHRD

Single Teacher School

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