International Women’s Day 2012 Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures Promoting women’s activism in South Asia


In honour of International Women’s Day 2012, Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) supported awareness raising and activism events held by ten grassroots organisations in four countries in South Asia – under the theme “Connecting girls, Inspiring futures”.

Every year on International Women’s Day (IWD), GHRD promotes women’s rights by supporting activism and awareness raising activities carried out by grassroots organisations in South Asia. 

This year, we supported ten grassroots organisations in four countries (Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan) under the theme “Connecting girls, Inspiring futures”.  

Our local partner organisations organised a variety of activities to inspire and lead young women, to promote and create awareness of women’s rights among marginalised groups, and to engage different groups of society in a sense of harmony and fun. Many gained coverage of their events in local newspapers and radio. 

See below for details of the International Women’s Day 2012 activities that GHRD supported:


Kapaeeng Foundation raised attention to the issue of violence against indigenous women in Bangladesh, organising a human chain and rally in Dhaka. Indigenous women from the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Dhaka, North Bengal, greater Sylhet and greater Mymensingh participated.

Bangladesh Minority Watch held a seminar on minority women’s rights with guest speakers and a rally in Narayangonj near Dhaka.

Parittran highlighted the rights of Dalit women by organising an interactive drama Tentulia and Sorulia Unions (Laxhmanpur and Kashipur villages).

Bangladesh Centre for Human Rights and Development organised a rally in Dhaka, a national radio programme and a human chain at the Naogaon Press club in Naogaon district to create awareness about violence against women. 


Association for Awareness Development & Human Rights organised several events street dramas, rallies and disseminations of materials to create awareness of women’s rights amongst the Dalit community in West Champaran district, Bihar. 

Jabala Action Research Organisation tackled the issue of gender bias, organising a bicycle rally and street theatre, covering three villages bias near Kolkata, West Bengal.

Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishtha raised attention to women’s health and the high mortality rate of pregnant women and infants, and provided protein and iron supplements to 150 women and girls in Sangola Tahasil in the district Solapur.  


Maiti Nepal held its annual women’s day sport event entitled: “Promoting Human Rights: Increasing participation of women for Empowerment”. Women and children from different societal groups in the area participated. 

Village Development Foundation organised on a door-to-door advocacy campaign and rally on women’s rights in Lohana and Fulgama districts. Women from different groups and castes were present. The right to gender equality and education for women was highlighted.


Human Rights Focus Pakistan brought minority women, politicians, human rights activists, students, lawyers, workers and business owners together at an awareness event entitled “Condemning gender based violence and promoting women rights”. Activities included theatre performances, discussion forums and a rally. 

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Medical Health camp at Gazipur, Dhaka organized by GHRD

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