Jumma People’s Network UK demonstration in London


As part of GHRD’s ongoing activities for the protection of minorities living in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) region in Bangladesh, GHRD on Tuesday 10 May, made a public statement of support to the Jumma People’s Network UK, who demonstrated in front of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London demanding attention and support from the UK Foreign Office for minorities living in the CHT. The main aim was to protest against the recent attacks (17th April) on indigenous villages in Ramgarh in the CHT.  

GHRD’s letter and a petition from the Jumma People’s Network UK addressed to the Foreign Secretary William Hague was handed over to an official of the ministry. A copy was also handed over to Mr. Jack Straw, a former Home & Justice Secretary who was also present.

The protest was attended by around thirty individuals from minority rights organizations and members of the Jumma community in the UK. 

GHRD will continue to extend our support and lobby for the protection of the indigenous Jumma for as long as they remain under threat in the CHT region. 

Read the GHRD statement here.  

Sign the Jumma Peoples Network petition!  

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