Mass protests to solve land disputes and implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts peace accord


The elections are coming up in Bangladesh in 2013/2014 and one of the main election promises of current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was the implementation of the 1997 CHT peace accord.

But the accord is currently being violated by the Chairman of the CHT Land commission, who is declaring controversial programmes including land survey and hearings of land dispute cases which are illegal and personally motivated.

His activities are feared to increase the growing tension in the CHT, where Buddhist and Hindu communities have been attacked in numerous incidences of violence over the past months. Protests were organized in various Chittagong Districts in February and March, with indigenous peoples and human rights activists expressing their outrage and demanding for the CHT Land Dispute Resolution Act to be amended in accordance with the accord. 

The CHT Commission issued a statement on 28th February, alleging that the Chairman’s activities are violating the 1997 CHT Peace Accord as well as the decision of the CHT Peace Accord Implementation Committee.

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