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Dr. Jan Pronk

H.E. Mr Manbir Singh, Ambassador of India

Tushar Gandhi

In one day GHRD will be hosting a memorable event, Gandhi’s Values in the 21st Century. This event will take place at the Nieuwe Kerk (Spui 175, opposite the Stadhuis), in The Hague.

The 02nd October has been declared the International Day of Non-Violence by the United Nations. The purpose of this event is to create tolerance for other cultures, understanding each others values and improving integration based on the values of Mahatma Gandhi through the exchange of knowledge from a cultural diversity.

Prominent speakers such as the great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Mr Tushar Gandhi, as well as the Ambassador of India, Mr Manbir Singh, will also be present.

To be part of this exciting event please RSVP by email to 

 "I greatly appreciate the work of Global Human Rights Defence. The movement is still young, but well focused. Defence of human rights should be a central theme in global relations. It is the task of governments, but also of civil society.” -Dr Jan Pronk – 

"I look forward to celebrating the 'Gandhi Jayanti' on October 2nd, together with members of Global Human Rights Defence. Gandhiji's contribution to the entire world in terms of his message of love, understanding and compassion remains as relevant today as it was during his life time. His contribution to India's struggle for freedom will always be recalled with gratitude by each generation of my countrymen."- H.E. Mr Manbir Singh, Ambassador of India - 

"Gandhi dreamed of a classless society living in perfect harmony, with no untouchability; with gender equality, and peace with all the world.This dream has not been fulfilled."- Tushar Gandhi -

Medical Health camp at Gazipur, Dhaka organized by GHRD

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