OLE 2010


From L-R- Emilio de Capitani: Civil Rights Commission at the European Parliament Vittorio Agnoletto: cultural coordinator of OLE Michele Curto: president of FLARE Network Hans G Nilsson: head of Division Council of the EU

In August, GHRD attended the first annual Otranto Legality Experience in Italy OLE 2010 is the first edition of an international forum on “Illegal Economy, Organised Crime and Financial Globalisation” organized by the Flare Network.

Flare is a network of civil society organisations committed to social struggle against transnational organised crime. GHRD has been an active member of Flare since its foundation.

The focus of the forum was on the illegal and illicit economies associated with organized crime, and how organized crime is reliant on its own economic success. As an economic actor which does not follow the rules, and employs violent methods, organized crime is a societal and economic threat. An aim of the forum was to address economic methods of combating organized crime, such as asset confiscation and social re-use, as has been legislated for in Italy. Many experts, such as Raffaele Salinari and Ivana Radovic addressed the difficulties of human trafficking, a crime which GHRD is working to counter in India and Nepal.

Medical Health camp at Gazipur, Dhaka organized by GHRD

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