Pakistan IWD 2010 events


In Pakistan a Women’s Day event was organised in cooperation with Human Rights Voice for Minorities (HRVM) around the theme "Women in Pakistan: their rights & present situation” In an effort to raise awareness to the underprivileged situation of minority women in Pakistan HRVM hosted an event featuring speeches, different sports events and singing competitions. Special guests were leaders of groups such as National Commission of Interfaith Harmony and the Christian Progressive Party and of course the local women from some of the most neglected groups in society.   

Awards were given to some of the women who have been setting an example and have been leading the way in supporting women and their position in the patriarchal Pakistan society. All events were aimed at creating a sense of participation for the local women. The event was broadcasted on local and national tv and covered by many different media. Despite the current wave of terrorism in the country and the imminent danger that women run by participating the event was attended by a large group of enthusiastic women. 

At the end of the meeting Prof. Ronald Pervaiz thanked everybody for the succesful event and in particular GHRD for supporting his cause; the fight for human rights for minority groups in Pakistan.

“this is the time to join hands to fight against the violence and torture of Pakistani women.”

Medical Health camp at Gazipur, Dhaka organized by GHRD

Single Teacher School

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