Panel session: The role and possible impact of NGOs in the creative/ art approaches to Peace, Justice and Human Rights


GHRD representatives Francesca Piccin and Anchelita Gowri were part of a panel discussion for the Peace and Human Rights Education International Summer School of the University of Utrecht in August held here in The Hague.

Students were introduced to different organizations that work in the field of Creative/Art approaches to peace and human rights education. Ms Piccin and Gowri introduced the GHRD documentary SOLD: A child trafficked as an example for the students of GHRD’s work in the 'field', whether in the South or on a global scale through art, education, and campaigning.

Students became aware of the broad scale of work that is done by different actors working on peace and human rights and got the chance to interact with and ask questions to organizations working on Creative/Art Approaches to Peace, Human Rights, and Justice.

Medical Health camp at Gazipur, Dhaka organized by GHRD

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