Police assisted in the Attack on an Indigenous Chakma Village in Teknaf, Bangladesh


Eleven Chakma villagers were severely wounded by a group of land grabbers who attacked the village Amtali in Teknaf in cooperation with the local police between the May 29th and 31st, 2012.

The event followed previous land grabbing attempts that now escalated into violence, including beatings and sexual assault of two young women. One woman gave premature birth to her baby due to the beatings she suffered in the attack. 

Another seven Chakmas got their belongings looted and two women (15 and 18 years old) were sexually molested. All these events occurred in the presence of the police force, according to the local Kapaeeng Foundation. 

The leader of the attack is known to be a land grabber who had been targeting the village since the beginning of March this year.  

Chakma is the largest ethnic group within the indigenous community in the Chittagong Hill Tracts collectively known as the Jumma in Bangladesh. They are Buddhist and have their own distinct culture and tradition and they are being persecuted by Bengali settlers, the army and the Government forces.

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