Police failure to investigate unprovoked attack against Advocate Shahanur Islam, GHRD’s local partner in Bangladesh


On the August 24, GHRD’s local observer and human rights defender, Advocate Shahanur Islam, was subjected to an unprovoked physical assault in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

While at this point there is no suspicion that the attack is related to his human rights work, GHRD is appalled that despite international calls for increased protection of Mr Islam, the police failed to come to the scene of the assault. 

Due to the recent death threats received by Mr Islam, it is concerning that the police failed to come to the scene of the assault, despite numerous international appeals for increased security for Mr Islam. The police have also failed to register a First Information Report (FIR) or investigate the assault. Despite several calls from Mr Islam at the time of the assault, the police failed to arrive and, as a result, none of the witnesses were interviewed. 

GHRD strongly urges the authorities to take the threats made against Mr. Islam seriously and to fully and immediately investigate this recent assault as well as death threats made against Mr. Islam earlier in 2011.

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