Press Conference: Minority rights in Pakistan


GHRD, in partnership with Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) held a press conference on minority rights in Islamabad, Pakistan on the 11th July, 2011.

The event highlighted key human rights abuses committed against minority groups in Pakistan and was attended and covered by all major Pakistani news agencies.

HRFP President Naveed Walter, together with Christian, Hindu, and Sikh minority leaders spoke on the issues faced by women and minorities in the country, and provided specific recommendations for government intervention.  

Amongst these recommendations was a proposal for legislation to protect women who are victims of the Hudood ordinance and to take the necessary steps to decrease the incidence of violence against women.

The speakers also insisted the discriminatory laws against minorities be reviewed and particularly that the blasphemy law 295 (B/C) be repealed and that those currently held in police custody under the law be released.GHRD’s report on minorities in Pakistan was also translated into Urdu and distributed during the conference, along with GHRD’s “Statement of concern for the situation of minorities in Pakistan” (Links to these documents are below). 

The conference was a precursor to a “Minorities Rights Rally” to be held on the August 11, 2011 (Minorities’ Day) in front of the Parliament House, Islamabad. 

List of speakers

Mr. Haroon Sarab Diyyal (Hindu Rights Activist), Miss Sonia (Coordinator for HRFP – Azad Jammu & Kashmir-AJK), Mr.Samuel Yaqub (Christians Rights Activist), Saradar Jagmohan Singh (Sikhs Rights Activist) and Daniel Masih (Minority Political worker).

See GHRD’s statement of support here 

Watch the press conference video (in Urdu): 

Read GHRD’s Report on minorities in Pakistan here  

Press coverage in English:

Pakistan Christian Post 

Pakistan Today 

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