Protest at the Pakistani Embassy in The Hague for Hindu minority rights


The 14th of August is celebrated as the Independence Day of Pakistan. In Pakistan, cities and villages were covered with Pakistani flags while the leading officials gave messages about prosperity, unity and tolerance to the nation.

However, on this day in The Netherlands, a different scene was taking place. A group of concerned Dutch-Hindu citizens organized a protest in front of the Pakistani Embassy in The Hague. The aim of the protest was to draw attention to the issues of forced conversions and abductions of young Hindu and the more recent event of Hindu families in Pakistan fleeing the country due to lack of security and ill treatment.  

The protestors were carrying posters and banners; the message was clear “Equality for all citizens, save Hindus in Pakistan!” The protest went on for couple of hours and the concerned Dutch-Hindu citizens demanded to speak to an official from the Pakistani Embassy. In the mean time the interest of the passers by for the demonstration was growing.

After two failed attempts at dialogue, a representative from the embassy came out to talk to the crowd. It was a peaceful exchange between the citizens and the embassy representative. The protestors had a chance to express their concerns and also to ask questions first hand to a representative of the Pakistani Embassy on the topic of Hindu’s rights and safety who said little on the topic in reply. The representative promised to inform the Pakistani government of the protest and concerns.

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