SOLD – A Child Trafficked, a documentary to raise awareness on human trafficking


Together with Bangladesh, Nepal has been one of the main source countries for trafficking of women and children over recent years.

Although official reports claim that adequate information is not available about child sex work and the trafficking of girls in Nepal, it is estimated that every year 12,000 Nepalese children under 18 are taken to Indian brothels and the Gulf countries for the purpose of commercial sex work (ILO – Rapid Assessment, 2001).

SOLD – A Child Trafficked is Global Human Rights Defence documentary addressed to raise awareness of the situation in Nepal and to mobilise state authorities to take serious steps against the crime of human trafficking. 

The Nepal national report on trafficking of persons, published on June 2010 by the office of the Special rapporteur on trafficking in Women and children in Nepal (OSRT), has revealed that out of an estimated number of 12,000 victims of trafficking per year, only 410 cases were brought to court from 2004 to 2009. The causes of this lack of prosecution vary. Nepal lacks adequate facilities for the protection and rehabilitation of victims and these services are mainly provided by non-governmental organisations operating in the country. In addition, the growing number of cases per year shows an urgent need to raise awareness among the population on the risks of illegal migration and on the horrific destiny faced by young girls trafficked to India.  

GHRD aims to mobilise the international community and raise financial support for projects of rehabilitation and protection of children and female victims of trafficking. 

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