Unexpected Turn of Events for Nepal: a contribution to crowdfunding campaign GHRD


In April 2015 I was working towards the release of my new album Unexpected Turn of Events, safe and sound in the comfort of my home, a luxury I sometimes take for granted. Seeing the news about the earthquakes that hit Nepal during that same period reminded me once again of my privilege to not have to worry about basic necessities to survive. That privilege gives us not only comfort, but more importantly power. The power to contribute, even if it’s a contribution in the smallest sense.

As a goodwill ambassador for the Global Human Rights Defence, I’ve been exploring my power to contribute and encourage others around me to do the same. When it comes to the major challenges that natural disasters like earthquakes present us, we tend to think the solution lies only in major contributions. But we can offer support in the minor decisions we make on a daily basis, and GHRD has shown a great way to do that with their new crowdfunding campaign: “Forgotten Villages: Humanitarian Aid to Nepal.”  This campaign encourages you to make a shift in your daily choices: instead of going out for dinner and a movie, donate that amount to the crowdfunding campaign to provide families with basic needs such as food and water. Instead of going out for drinks, donate that amount to provide people with warm blankets for cold nights. 

The small contributions can truly make a difference. That’s why I’m donating 25% of the hard copy album sales of Unexpected Turn of Events of this year to the crowdfunding campaign. People who order the music through my website (www.pravinimusic.com) will also get a signed copy with a personal thank you for their contribution. The events that took place in Nepal have been unexpected and unfortunate to say the least, but hopefully you are willing to make some unexpected turns in your daily choices as well, exercise that power of privilege, and help families in Nepal to rebuild their lives.

Want to know more about the crowdfunding campaign? Check out: http://www.geef.nl/actie/vergeten-dorpen-in-nepal


Medical Health camp at Gazipur, Dhaka organized by GHRD

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