Diverse Voices: Empowering Human Rights Defenders


According to the United Nations, anyone who is peacefully engaged as an individual or together with others in promotion, protection and realisation of human rights and fundamental freedoms is a Human Rights Defender (HRD). GHRD strongly believes that HRDs are the catalyst for progress towards human dignity. They have committed their lives to the struggle for the promotion and protection of human rights. Due to the their importance, GHRD’s 4-year human rights programme focuses on empowering HRDs in Bangladesh through various capacity building activities

Pakistan Hindu Seva Welfare Trust: Goals and Partnerships


Minorities in Pakistan are not enjoying their full rights, and are facing many problems. Some of the major problems Hindus in Pakistan facing are: discrimination within the community, land grabbing, lack of education, lack of health facilities, water shortage, unemployment, low wages, child labor, child marriage, bonded labor, rape cases, forced conversion, the Blasphemy Act and demolition of temples.

Fact Finding Training in Pakistan


On April 25th and 26th, 16 minority rights observers, volunteers, community leaders and activists from various regions in Pakistan completed a two-day training on human rights fact finding and documentation in Faisalabad.