Advocacy for Peace Building in Bangladesh


Bangladesh Centre for Human Rights and Development (BCHRD) marked International Day of Peace, 21st September, with series of activities.  BCHRD in collaboration with GHRD organized demonstrations followed by conferences in Dhaka and Khulna District to demand justice for the indigenous peoples and religious minorities in Bangladesh. BCHRD also organised a cultural programme titled "Theatre for Development (TFD)" to raise awareness among indigenous people and religious minorities on peace and education.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW), Village Development Organisation (VDO) and Dhruba, GHRD's local partners, also joined the activities and called on the government to take immediate action to prevent violence against minorities, particularly minority women. Political party leaders, local government representatives and many other human rights organisations joined the demonstrations. More than 500 people were present at the events. The events made the issues of indigenous peoples and religious minorities visible at the national level and promoted participation of marginalised groups in advocating for their rights.