Report on 100th International Women Day (IWD) March 8 2010


The International Women’s Day is a widely celebrated event throughout the world. It is marked in the spirit of women’s emancipation and their struggles in the economic, social and political fronts to claim their rights and gain equality. It is a day in the light of women’s unification when women on all continents ignore their differences and come together to celebrate their Day, struggling for equality, justice, peace and development. The United Nations theme this year for the IWD was: “Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities, Progress for All”. In the same spirit GHRD organised in collaborations with its partners in India, Bangladesh, Nepal/Bhutan and Nepal different events to mark the day and create awareness on women’s rights.

India IWD events 

Pakistan IWD events 

Bangladesh IWD events 

Bhutanese Refugee Camps IWD event 

Nepal IWD events