Three weeks in the city of Peace and Justice: a testimony of a human rights defender from Bangladesh


GHRD had the pleasure to host a Bangladeshi human rights defender and director of Boys of Bangladesh (BoB), Tanvir Alim this June. Tanvir came to the Netherlands as a participant of GHRD’s traineeship programme, designed to build stronger ties between GHRD and its partner organisations. During his stay, Tanvir, together with the GHRD team, had the opportunity to launch a joint research-report created by GHRD and BoB entitled ‘The Invisible Minority’, as well as meet with MP’s in The Hague and MEP’s in Brussels. All the public events presented a great opportunity for Tanvir to build his international network, lobby on behalf of his community on the European level and raise awareness about the issues the LGBT community in Bangladesh face on a daily basis. In this article he talks about his experience to make you think, smile and live by inspiration.

Interview with prominent human rights defender Tanvir Alim


We had the honor of hosting Tanvir Alim, a prominent human rights defender from Bangladesh, for the launch of the report ‘The Invisible Minority’. As a human rights defender and director of the Boys of Bangladesh (BoB) – a network for gay men and women in Bangladesh – Mr. Alim is dedicated to ensure that people who are struggling with their sexual orientation can find a safe place to share their feelings and insecurities. Such a network is a true necessity in a country where coming out is a frightening process. The report talks about many personal stories of injustice and courage in a country where 20.9% of LGBT people admit hate themselves. Here is Tanvir’s story.

Stolen Childhoods: Pakistan’s failing legal system, forced conversions and marriages


Despite legal restrictions, child marriages are prevalent in Pakistan. The rate of abductions, forced conversions and marriages of underage girls has significantly increased in the last few years. This article will illustrate through selected cases the vulnerability of Hindu girls in Sindh to this morbid practice and outline the most common patterns of abductions, forced conversions and marriages, while simultaneously demonstrating the legal and social barriers for the families to access justice.

The Invisible Minority: The Situation of LGBT Community in Bangladesh


This research, jointly conducted by Global Human Rights Defence and Boys of Bangladesh, highlights the particular issues faced by the LGBT community in Bangladesh. The study was based on 50 interviews with individuals from the LGBT community (including community leaders). The purpose of the research was to conduct a needs analysis, aimed at examining the experience of the LGBT community in relation to the violations and social exclusion they face, the acceptance of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity within close social circles and access to networks and services for community development. The needs analysis has also enabled the LGBT community leaders to identify the needs of their movement and the larger LGBT community in Bangladesh to further develop a road map for their activities.

Human Rights Defenders - A dangerous occupation


Despite many global initiatives, the situation of women rights is still dire in numerous countries. Realisation of women's rights and gender equality is an ongoing struggle in Bangladesh. Recent attacks on women human rights defenders demonstrate the dangers associated with human rights work for women. These women are often viewed as a threat to social stability because they are defying cultural, religious or social norms on femininity and the role of women in society.